Bond Coat Hire - JM Clark

We have a modern fleet of Bitumen Sprayers, all equipped with left & right side vertical joint spraying arms, extendable rear spray bar up to 5 metres in width (all fully operated internally from the cab), Hand held emulsion spray lances for hard to access areas and a 5000 litre capacity tank. Bitumen sprayers are fully chapter 8 and have night working lights.
T: 0800 014 6241

VAT: VAT not applicable
Statutory Inspection Expiry Date: Mar 19, 2026
Statutory Inspection Certification:
Inspection certification available to hirer
Equipment maintenance current
Operator Details: Operated Equipment
Operator Certification: Operator certificates available to hirer
Guaranteed availability:
Available within 1 hr / 20 ml
Available within 4 hr / 50 ml
Available within 24 hr / 150 ml