Wood Chipper an Operator. Upto 8 inches

Wood chipper and operator hire in Crook and surrounding areas. We will travel within 10 miles free of charge and further distances can be negotiated.

Please see below for prices. Time on site is from arrival until we leave. We can chip up to 8 inch diameter.

The price is only for chipping your trees and brush, bushes etc. and not for transporting to the chipper. If we have to move the waste to the chipper this will be classed as time on site and will be charged as below. Sorry I am unable to remove any chipping from site.

1 hour chipper and operator £100

2 hour chipper and operator £150

3 hour chipper and operator £200

Full day hire (6 hours on site) £250

Please do not buy now as I’ll need to arrange a time and date suitable for us all.

VAT: VAT not applicable
Statutory Inspection Expiry Date: Sep 21, 2020
Statutory Inspection Certification:
Inspection certification available to hirer
Equipment maintenance current
Operator Details: Operated Equipment
Operator Certification: Operator certificates available to hirer
Guaranteed availability:
Available within 1 hr / 20 ml
Available within 4 hr / 50 ml
Available within 24 hr / 150 ml