Manitou MI 25D

Manitou MI 25d with Cab + Heater

3700mm Duplex Mast
1100mm Forks
Integral Side Shift
Upright Exhaust
Full Cab
Heater in Cab
Orange Beacon
Combination Lights Front and Rear
Over Head Guard
Key Ignition
2015 Model year
2990 Hours

VAT: Price includes VAT
Statutory Inspection Expiry Date: Sep 1, 2021
Statutory Inspection Certification:
Inspection certification available to hirer
Equipment maintenance current
Operator Details: Self Drive Equipment
Operator Certification: n/a - non operated equipment
Guaranteed availability:
Available within 1 hr / 20 ml
Available within 4 hr / 50 ml
Available within 24 hr / 150 ml
London NRMM Emissions:
Stage IIIA Emissions Compliant
Stage IIIB Emissions Compliant
Stage IV Emissions Compliant
Equipment Standard:
Meets Shareplant min std