Hiab Hire

T4 Crane Hire
•Lifting and Transport
•Commercial and Industrial
•24hr call out and Fully Insured
•Compact mobile crane with 5.8m reach
•All of our equipment is tested and certified
•Ideal for narrow access driveways, workshops, etc.
•Small Plant, Marine, Farm Machinery and equipment transported

VAT: VAT not applicable
Statutory Inspection Expiry Date: May 1, 2018
Statutory Inspection Certification:
Inspection certification available to hirer
Equipment maintenance current
Operator Details: Operated Equipment
Operator Certification: Operator certificates available to hirer
Guaranteed availability:
Available within 1 hr / 20 ml
Available within 4 hr / 50 ml
Available within 24 hr / 150 ml
Equipment Standard:
Meets Shareplant min std