Fuel Proof 2,500L Site Tow Diesel Bowser

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The Fuel Proof range of bunded site tow bowsers combines safe, secure fuel storage with on-site mobility. Both the inner and outer tanks are constructed from steel throughout, with a 110% bund capacity in accordance with the PPG2 Pollution Prevention guidelines. Heavy duty reinforced galvanised tubular steel chassis is extremely strong and durable. Flotation tyres ideal for off-road use.

Key Features

  • The toughest site towable bowsers on the market
  • Fully compliant with current environmental regulations
  • All-steel construction for strength and durability
  • Reinforced, heavy duty galvanised tubular steel chassis
  • Tough site specification with heavy duty running gear
  • Baffled inner tank for increased stability when in transit
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Equipment maintenance current
Operator Details: Self Drive Equipment
Guaranteed availability:
Available within 1 hr / 20 ml
Available within 4 hr / 50 ml
Available within 24 hr / 150 ml
Equipment Standard:
Meets Shareplant min std