'Gap Bar' Adjustable Fall Protection System 1200mm - 2000mm

'Gap Bar' Adjustable Fall Protection System

Adjustable width for openings 1200mm - 2000mm

Avoid the need for scaffolding when you replace / install windows. Suitable for different types of openings, including patio doors / french windows.

Adjustable bars can be fitted in seconds to protect high level window openings while installing / maintaining windows from the inside.

Meets British and European Standards for temporary edge protection.

Each Gap Bar set comprises:

  • 3 off adjustable horizontal bars.
  • 6 off end caps.
  • 2 off vertical spacer bars to maintain correct bar gaps.
  • Slot for toe boards to be fitted (not supplied).
  • Storage / carry bag.

Weekly rental is for 7 days.

Shipping fee includes for delivery / collection within a 20 mile radius of CA13.

VAT: Price includes VAT
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Training demonstration:
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